Services for the Caregiver

The Webb House Retirement Center may be your cure for “Caregiver Burnout.” This is done by Respite Care – short term caregiving or Adult Day Care.

If you neglect yourself as a caregiver you are putting your loved one at risk. Taking time for yourself will also benefit your care recipient. Every caregiver needs a break to prevent burnout and reduce stress. It may be as simple as a few hours a day or a week long vacation. Whatever your need, the Webb House is here to help. Effective, sustainable caregiving depends on meeting the caregiver’s own needs for nurture, reassurance, support and periodic respite. Symptoms of “Caregiver Burnout” are very similar to those of depression. In fact, these two conditions often contribute to one another.

Are you experiencing…

  • Persistent Symptoms of Depression
  • Constant Anxiety, Anger or Irritability
  • Feeling of Detachment, Numbness or Exhaustion
  • Continuous Self-Criticism
  • Withdrawal from Usual Activities
  • Negligence from Usual Activities
  • Trouble at Work or in Relationships
  • Substance Abuse

Seniors giving care to an ailing spouse are more likely to become sick and experience more stress than similar people who are not caregivers. Make sure that you get regular medical checkups. If you have any symptoms of depression (extreme sadness, trouble concentrating, apathy, hopelessness, or thoughts about death) see a doctor right away. Depression is an illness that can be and should be treated.

Respite Care and Adult Day Care residents are entitled to all the amenities of the Webb House, be it assisted care living or the special care (Phoenix Wing) unit. Whichever service you need, the Webb House is here for you – the loving care giver.